Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tim had a car accident

He had gone to his brothers to pick up a cart. And on the way back he was driving slowly down the road, post blizzard and there was a dog running loose on the street, and this lady hit him. She didn't even bother to slow down. Her car went under the back fender of the truck. The paramedics took her to the hospital in an ambulance.

Nothing really happened to the truck, since it's a "Big a$$ed truck" The big silver tool box that he has clamped down in the bed of the truck moved about 8 inches. so we got to get that moved back. And the back bumper is kind of a mess. Not really anything big.

when he got home I took him to the hospital, because he was hurting. they did some tests and xrays and put him in a neck brace and sent him home with some pain pills because he has whip lash.
It was kind of funny, he asked me to call his brother Donnie and so I did, and then I got a call from his brother Clint . . . with Tim being the youngest of 7 brothers, I thought well crap, I'm going to be standing outside the hospital in the cold all night talking to his brothers (No cell reception in the hospital) But happily ONLY Donnie and Clint called . . . I guess the other brothers talked amongst themselves.

I'm a bit annoyed at Tim because I think he should have stayed home and rested, but the goobersnot, went to work. MEN! My feeling is that he should rest and let his body recover .. . . even if its for a day. I don't understand why he would push his poor body when he obviously is in pain. UGH!
I guess that's the difference between men and women . . . Women have sense and men don't!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." - Napoleon Hill

Monday, March 22, 2010

I caught a Troll!

Ok so "I" didn't catch a troll but I heard a wonderful funny story that I would like to tell you . . .

This comes from Destiny's mother in law's friend, who has a grown handicapped son, who lives on his own in an apartment.

One day the son calls his mom and is SUPER excited! "Mom! Mom! You won't believe this!! I caught a troll."

The mom is busy and not really paying much attention, so she says she will come see the troll tomorrow.

The son says, "Ok mom you can see my troll but he's mine and I'm not giving him back! I caught him and now he's mine!"

Absentmindedly the mom placates her son, "Sure honey, I'll see you tomorrow."

The next day rolls around and the mom goes to visit her son. He excitedly opens the door for his mom. She walks in and sees that her sons sofa is shoved up against the closet door. "What's going on here son?"

"I told you I caught a troll and I have him locked in the closet so he can't get out."

The mom is perplexed, maybe the boy caught a cat or dog or worse a rat and he thinks it's a troll. So the mom says, "Let me have a look at your troll honey."

"I'll let you look at him, but he's mine. I caught him. And I'm not giving him back. He's mine."

The mom agrees, and pushes the sofa away from the closet door. And opens the door.
When she looks in.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................she sees a naked male midget.

"Mom! Mom! See my troll! I love him! But I'm worried that he will try to escape so I keep him in the closet."

Horror struck! The mom looks at the naked man, and tries to explain, "Sir my son is handicapped. He really didn't mean any harm, he just didn't understand." She is hoping with her explanation the poor man will not drag the police in to it.

"Ma'am please just give me my clothes."

She goes on to explain more . . . "I know he didn't mean any harm."

"Ma'am Please, Please just give me my clothes."

She gives the little man his clothes and then notices a "Watchtower" magazine from the Jehovah's Witnesses laying in the table. Her son kidnapped a Midget Jehovah's Wittneses who was going door to door~ Stripped him naked and kept him in the closet for over 24 hours!

Now tell me, you have never had a day that bad, have you??

* * * *

I giggled myself silly over this story! I don't know how much of it is true or not, but in my world the moral of the story is ~ Big or small, you never know what someone is going to think of you when you knock on their door~ You might end up naked in a closet for a couple days!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow and Swim suits

It's still winter here in Colorful Colorado! The other day we were told to expect 13 inches of snow! I was so excited! I laid in a bunch of yummy food and planned to scrap the days away but sadly the Weather men lied to me, yet again, and we just crap for snow . . . Just enough snow to make all the crazy drivers, drive crazy, which in turn makes me TWITCH , and become a foul mouth truck driver who has to take anxiety pills to get to work. Fun fun. UGH!

So yesterday Destiny didn't want to be at her "Wonderful" UGH! husbands families house, so she told them she had to go to work ~ Which she didn't. But it got her out of the house. So she chilled with me there for a while and then she came to the house to do some scrapbooking and I joined her when I got done with my bride at the store.

This is what my sweet little Kennedy looked like yesterday~ SOOOOOO cute!!
She and her Pappy Growling at each other! They love to do that! Soooo cute! I love this man for all the things he is . . . isn't he wonderful!
Smooching the baby! Sorry about the blur, I didn't have the flash on.

Pappy eating the baby! We all love to nibble on this baby!!!

It was a nice day, well, not nice if you wanted a blizzard like I did, but nice if you are everyone else in the world. So Destiny and I put on our swimsuits dresses our baby in her hot pink Flamingo swimsuit and we got in the hot tub! Pappy got in with us too!

Alex came home from work and took our picture! Destiny wanted him to get in the hot tub but he is a goober and didn't want to. You can see his shadow over my face! Silly boy!

Before Pappy got in the hot tub, he took a few pictures of me and my girls!
Here are our cute backs!

Lovin' on the baby! She liked the hot tub, but it made her really tired! So after we were done, it was nap time.

She is a granny's girl if there ever was one!!! She is my happy thought, when sometimes I feel like I'm hanging out in the dark.

Her mamma loves her soooooooo much! She is a good mama!

Fun!!! We are having fun! See the snow in the background . . . not the Blizzard I had hoped for.

My pretty girls!

We had lots of fun! I love the simple family days . . . Do drama, no fuss . . . just love, love and more love . . .

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The adventures of Cheri the Klutz continue

I think my nose is broken., Tim clocked me in the nose last night. Accidentilly. I had fallen asleep on his shoulder, and he said he said to me that he needed to get up and apparently I told him "NO" (in my sleep) and when he tried to get up, I must have moved to keep him there or something and he clocked me with his elbow. (At this point I'm wide awake) I heard it pop! and the pain set in fast.

Tim freaked out . . . texted the boys and told them that he hit me in the nose. My boys freak out Tony (Middle son) is calling like a crazy man Alex (oldest son) is home in a flash, Avery is still an A$$hole (I love him but call a duck a duck ) When we explain to Alex what happened he is like "Mom thats all your own fault." LOL And then it became a joke.

We were out of ice , but had a backyard full of snow, so tim got me an icebag of snow, and a couple of tylonal . . . This morning it still hurts and even the weight of my glasses hurts it. My eye looks like it's turning black and blue . . (I could handle the black, but I'm not really a blue girl.)

The adventures of Cheri the Klutz continue . . . . Anyone got the bubble wrap???

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I know

What I do, doesn't always make sense to other people . . . but I'll be damned if most people are way more confusing than I am . . . . And they think they are prefectly normal.

I'm not normal. I admit it.

Wouldn't you like to admit you are a bit odd too?


Emotionally . . .


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every day . . .

Is a new adventure.

I'm working on getting more business for the store. So Destiny and I have been going out daily to get more businesses to know who we are and use us for their flowers.

there is a new furniture store coming to town~ It's called WOW. And they are going to be getting a big arrangment for their foyer every week! And I think we will be doing some custome arrangments for their custome created furniture.

And Today we have an appointment with the Westin, to work with them on their weddings. I'm super excited.

and back to the Dead people place we go . . .they are planning on having us do some silk arrangments for them. So hopefully we will be generating more business.

I even put a call in to the country club I have an association with in hopes that I will get more parties and weddings from her.

My back has been killing me lately . . . I have a rib out under my shoulder blade, and sometime the pain is so bad I can't focus . . . happily Destiny picks up where I leave off.

Well not very much excitement here. So I will talk to you in a couple days.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm angry

I'm angry at myself.
I'm angry at people.
I'm angry at Leukemia.
I'm angry that people don't understand.
I'm angry at Thomas.
I'm angry at God.

I'm angry at myself because Thomas' death has changed my whole life.
I'm angry at people because they are insensitive and stupid
I'm angry at Leukemia because it is the worst disease- a killer
I'm angry that people don't understand that I'm not "trying" to be sad or blue- it just happens
I'm angry at Thomas because he gave up and left me
I'm angry at God because he took MY Thomas and left a hole in my heart.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Humm . . . A dead people adventure

Destiny and I have been going out all week to get more customers. Its more work than being in the shop and making flowers all day . . . To have to be "ON" is very draining.

So Destiny and I went yesterday (She is sooooooooo good with people! No fear! Everyone is a friend! Awesome!) and we started off delivering a "Alice in wonderland" bouquet (I should have taken a picture of it.) to a store that is having a fashion show today. And that lady took a stack of my business cards. She loved the bouquet, and happily I got rid of the big bunny that I have had in the store for about 8 years.

Then we had a meeting with the people at the "Parker funeral home" (I'm not really big on dead people, they pretty much freak me out- but this was a very nice funeral home ) the people who run it are all family so they really liked that we are all family too. (The song "we are family, I got all my sisters with me. (But I REALLY don't enjoy both my sisters so I don't really want to have them with me.) They will be referring people to us for flowers. They have a rental casket piece, (in silk) that needed a ton of work, out dated and dusty, and had a horrible shape to it! I am surprised that any one would want to rent it! It was REALLY Ugly!!!

Destiny went to pick it up and this cloud of dust floated off of it , and the guy said, "oh we do a lot of cremations, so . . ." We just breathed in DEAD PEOPLE DUST!!! Destiny and I get out to the car and are freaking out!!!

We went to Chick-fil-a and were gonna eat lunch (Which doesn't really make a lot of sense to me now in the clarity of a day later .~ Why would we want to eat when we are covered in DEAD people dust?), So the manager at the chick-fil-a says, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" I said "I want to do your flowers for the tables" Apparently the shop that is doing it now doesn't want to continue, and so he took my card and is going to call us for that. Apparently they trade food for flowers, but all the flowers have the shops business card on them. Free advertising!!! and we get FOOD!! We love food!!!

So we have a couple other appointments, all went really well.

And then we get back to the shop and we have to fix the casket piece (I was secretly hoping mom would have fixed it while we were gone, but she has decided that I'm better at it than she is), so that we can return it back to the funeral home today. It is so DUSTY!!! Again we are totally freaking out because the words, "We do a lot of cremations here" keeps ringing in our ears! And by the time we are done we are covered in Dead people dust, we sound like cats trying to hack up a hair ball, cuz this horrible dead people dust is just covering us. We can't help but be breathing it, and we are just coated in this heavy dust. . . We washed our hands and use disinfectant before we go home, but any part of us we touch is just covered.
So D and I are in the car, and I say "Remember how cold her hands were, what if she was embalming someone and then shook our hands." (We spent a lot of time freaking each other out) At this point D is chewing on her finger nail and starts hacking! I'm laughing so hard at this point I probably should have pulled the car over since I couldn't see for the laughing tears)

So that was our day!