Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Memos

Did you get the memo??

About ~

If you love someone tell them . . . tell them each and every time you see them how you feel, how they have changed your life . . . you never know when it will be the last time you get to talk to them.

Label all your pictures . . . of who, what, when and where, and if you want you can add how . . . but always label your pictures . . . someday you may not be around to tell people what was going on, and who those people were.

If you have an older person in your life, sit and talk with them. Tape them if possible, so you will always have that documentation of who they are.

Open doors for others . . . when did we become a society of people who are so self centered that they can't hold the door open for someone else.

Smile at children and enjoy the way they are, have fun with them and recall the joy you had as a child!

Pet animals (Be sure they are friendly first) it's amazing how just something so simple as petting an animal, can calm you down and make you see life in a new perspective.

Write a letter . . . no one writes letters any more! But isn't wonderful to get real mail?!?!? let someone know you care with a real letter . . . your own handwriting . . . very personal and

Anyone you have ever truly loved, you will always love . . . (in some place in your heart) it just grows and changes . . . remember that, even when they annoy you.

If you have ever had a broken heart . . . you need to take the time to heal . . . to figure it all out . . .take the time you need.

Tell the people you love that you love them. It's important.

Don't allow bad people in to your lives . . . and if you have people who bring you more harm than good, get rid of them, you don't have to have them in your life . . . you are not required to be friends with someone, or even family . . . (Well, you are still family, but if they are not adding to your greater good, you don't have to associate with them . . . you can choose not to.)

Take care of you! sometimes we are all so busy "doing" this and "doing" that . . . that we for get to just "BE" and take the time we need to just "Be" and enjoy . . . enjoy a good meal, or a bubble bath, or a glass of wine . . . enjoy the conversation of a good friend or the picture of a loved one.

Be sentimental . . . recall in vivid detail the things from the past that have made you happy . . . that have brought a smile to your face . . .

I know there are more things . . . but . . . I can't think of them at the moment. You can add to your own "life memo" . . . it's important not to forget, that we are all here for a blink of an eye . . . what do you want to leave as your legacy . . . live spherically!

Friday, June 25, 2010


I'm sure every Granny thinks their grands are the most beautiful!!! But I KNOW mine are!! Just kidding, although she is pretty cute!!

Isabelle with her eyes wide open! Isn't she adorable? I love the blank looks that babies have . . . the "yes I'm an unfilled glass. Fill me up!"

Here I think she looks a little like her daddy . . . but I know that her beautiful mama is in there too.

Isn't she adorable?!?!?!

Brent sent me a couple other pictures too . . . but these two are my favorites!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I was making cards yesterday . . .

I was going through sentiments for Sympathy cards . . . and think of Thomas and wishing that some of those sentiments were what people had said to me, when Thomas died. (I wasn't crying or being overly sad, just thinking and wishing.)

And then the Mercy Me song,"I can only imagine" came on the radio . . . it's the song that I always think of when I think of Thomas!! I started crying and laughing all at the same time. And felt like falling to my knees and thanking God for that moment of "Thomas-ness"~~~ "Will I dance for you Jesus, or to my knees will I fall? I can only imagine."

In my head and in my heart . . . It was Gods grace, or my Thomas, or whatever you choose to think of . . . that was standing with me, holding me, making me smile, and laugh through my tears. And oh Lordy, was I wanting to fall to my knees . . . Laughing and Crying . . . It was truly an unexpected moment of Thomas-ness . . . I could feel that momentary connection . . . that LOVE.

It was truly amazing . . . It was one of those moments where you can actually feel the difference in the air . . . the warmth of someone one holding you . . . the comfort of a gentle touch, and the love . . . the greatest love of all . . . (As I write this, this morning I have tears in my eyes, recalling how it felt . . . )

I know at this moment you are probably thinking I'm a wacko . . . or that I'm a few french fries short of a happy meal . . . or that I was drunk or drugged up . . . but I wasn't.
I was just thinking . . .
I was making greeting card for the store . . .
I wasn't crying.
I wasn't sad.
I was just doing and creating . . .
being . . .
thinking of when I lost my Thomas . . . and the words that brought me comfort . . . those are the words I wanted to use to bring others comfort in my cards.

And then I was the one who got the comfort . . . I know it was Thomas . . . Just checking in. Letting me know that he is with me . . . always with me.

I can't tell you how much the thought of "Thomas always being with me" makes me so happy!!! That on occasion he lets me know that he is with me!!

To me today, I had a moment . . . It was unexpected, I didn't ask for it . . . but it happened all the same.

I just wanted to share that with you. (I hope you don't think I'm too crazy)

I wonder if everyone has loved ones who come to them . . . but they are too busy or not paying attention and miss those moments . . . I wonder if you have to be "quiet" in your head and heart to truly connect . . . I was having a simple moment . . . not a lot going on . . .

At any rate . . . no matter what it was . . . I had a blessing!!! It was mine, all mine . . . and I'm so happy and grateful for it! Thank you God! Miss you Thomas! Love you!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I have been pondering a lot of things lately . . . and "perception" is really one of them.

I think, I'm like the seagull from the Little Mermaid movie, "This is this . . . and that is that." I get stuck in my head thinking, that I KNOW what I'm talking about when really I don't . . . I just have MY perception of it . . .

I guess we are all guilty of thinking "our way is the best way" or "our stuff is the best stuff" or "our beliefs are the best beliefs". I think sometimes it's hard to step outside of ourselves and see that the way with think, believe, live~ may work for us but it is not something that may work for everyone.

Tim grew up catholic . . . he says he is catholic. But he has not been in a church in years. I am not catholic . . . but I'm very spiritual. Although, as of late, I have been feeling like I would like to go to church . . . a fun, non denominational church where they build you up and help you to live a life with a closer relationship to God . . . When I bring it up to Tim, he says, "I'm Catholic. I'm not searching for anything different." But if you don't go to Church are you really catholic? Does God really care what church you go to? I bring this up, because Tim's brother called him yesterday to tell him to go to church . . . He said, "I had a dream about Mama, and she said for me to tell you to go to church." I think that is the "Catholic Guilt" or maybe it's the "Irish guilt" speaking. Does it matter what church you go to? In Tim's head and heart it matters, it's either the catholic church or no church at all . . . That's his perception or religion . . . For me, I have a different way of looking at it. And I'm fine going with him to the Catholic church every other week, as long as he is open to going to the other churches with me. Isn't it really about having a closer relationship with God, than it is about what "Building" you attend?? (Again, just my perception.)

I don't know, maybe that's a bad example.

Here is another one.

I belong to the most wonderful on line family . . . and lately there has been an issue . . . Supposedly, we are supposed to talk about Scrapbooking. But so many of us have been together for years and years, and have developed strong relationships . . . so we talk about everything . . . Well, there have been people "whining" that there is not enough scrapbooking talk . . . but they are also the people who don't post any scrapbooking talk . . . They simply get on line and look to see what "we" (The regular posters) have posted. They don't post things and ask questions, or make comments about scrapbooking. But then they want to say "Snarky" things. In my world, I see my on line family as people I can go to for whatever I need or want to talk about. In their world they want to only see Scrapbooking things. Perception. And in my abundant loveliness, I had to tell them to post something scrap related if that is what they wanted to see. There were a couple of people I know that had their feelings bruised over the snarky comments made about keeping the talk more Scrapbook related (you know who you are) as we feel this is our place, our family . . . and we should be able to talk about what ever we want. Ok, it's supposed to be scrapbook related by definition, but how many times can you say, "I am using the Glue Glider pro It works great." OR "I bought some new paper it's so pretty." if we were limited to only scrapbook talk, then we would never have really anything to talk about because you can only say those things so many times. The board would never move. But that's my perception of it. Maybe other people think differently.

I don't know . . . I guess what's I'm working through here is that it's fine to think what ever you want . . . you are entitled to that. And if it works for you, then by all means do it. But when you push your thoughts and beliefs on to someone else, that's where we run into problems. Just because you think one way, doesn't mean that it is necessarily right . . . it's just "Right for you".

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One day old

And I'm totally in love!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to

My new grand daughter!!
I got a call last night at 1:45 AM saying that she was born!! 9 pounds 5 and a half ounces! Big girl!

Mother and daughter are doing well. Granny is tired cuz she couldn't sleep after the call!!!

Last night her name was going to be Isabelle Ellen Marie Novak, I don't know if that name will stick or not . . . But isn't she round and beautiful!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I did it to myself

It's raining.

And I have pieces and parts that haven't been feeling well.

So I came home from work and decided to watch movies!

I love movie days.

I watched ~

Somethings gotta give

As good as it gets

Witches of Eastwick

Bucket list

A few good men

Do you see a pattern?? Yes I was in Jack Nicholson mode.

I did all right watching all the movies except "Bucket List" The first time they mentioned Cancer, I started crying . . . and didn't stop till after the movie was over. Alex was watching it with me, and he said "Mom, Thomas wouldn't want you to cry . . . he would want you to be happy and enjoy your life." Made me cry even more.

I watched the Bucket list and thought of Thomas, and all the things he never got to do . . . All the things I wanted for him. All the things that I had wished for him. . . . The things that will never happen for him now.

I miss him so much . . . I ache for those silly moments . . . I ache to talk to him. I have two messages from him on my phone, and I listen to them often . . . when he says he will be at "Walter Reed" hospital on "Tuesday" I always cry . . . I don't want him at Walter Reed on Tuesday, I want him here with me.

Part of me knew I wasn't ready for a movie like Bucket list . . . Part of me knew that it would be horrible hard to watch . . . and it was . . . I did it to myself.

Will there ever come a time when I won't hurt over the loss of my boy?

Isn't it amazing how something so simple as a "movie day" can turn a girl in to a blubbering mess???

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little more Iowa

Ok, I have to ask, what's with the tongue??

I love this picture . . . the thing about taking pictures of little ones in their natural habitat, is that you have to just have the camera ready at all times, and then just let them do their thing . . . Gabe is natural at "doing his thing" . . . everything is an adventure to him. I love that.

I love the way his little face looks . . . it's like he is taking everything in . . .

This is my "Swishy"aka~ Brent and his "ghost" (Fun to take pictures in the dark!!)

S'mores!!! Yumm! and Big PINK marshmallows!

I love old barns . . . Iowa has a lot of them

Simple moments . . .

Jessie! She is sooooo stinkin' cute! Its ridiculous!!

My silly girl!

This is a really bad picture. . . but had to post it any way . . . this is Kyle, sleeping on the sofa, (I took it with my cell phone in a pretty dark room~ that's why it looks the way it does) He was sleeping on his tummy, with his head cocked up on the arm rest . . . OUCH!!!
Sun streaming through the trees~ So pretty. Again this was taken with my cell phone.
This is Rahni mowing the back yard . . . you think she was wanting to have the baby????
The day I got there, I made a clover halo for the new baby, but Gabe wanted to wear it . . . and then "oops" he destroyed it. I guess that's what 2 year olds do!
Me and Gabe, playing on the swing. He's such a cheese ball! I love him so much!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A little bit of Iowa

I don't have much time, and I have a bunch of things I want to post, so here is a little bit of my trip to Iowa.

Me and my sweet grandson Gabe They wrote on the sidewalk for me~!
Gabe! He is so funny!

I love this picture! His furrowed brow, when he says "Hey! What's that?"

Jessie and Gabe Swinging! So cute!

I love this picture . . . her smile . . .

Pregancy is so natural, but it takes someone special to make it look THIS beautiful!

I don't know what it is, about this picture . . . but I love it. Its what Iowa feels like to me.

Here smell!
Isn't she truly stunning!?!?!

This is one of her favs . . . I like it too!

Isn't that belly amazing?!?!?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scrabooking my mom and dads trip to Hawaii

A very simple title page~

Thought this was cute!

Getting friendly with the natives

Playing around in the rain forest.
Mom and Kathy whale watching

Pop and Ed in the bar~ Go figure! LOL

Since I wanted to get some of these pictures scrapped, I turned on the Pearl harbor movie and then scrapped the pages from the Arizona memorial .

The beach
Dinner on the boat

Sun sets

I have to admit this isn't my best work . . . but it is getting the job done . . . and I will be happy once I don't have my mom and dads trips on my "to do" list any more.