Monday, December 12, 2011

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my family

I have been pondering a cat for a while now. And fighting with my self over another pet, and one that uses a litter box which needs to be cleaned. BLEK! But my heart kept telling me that I needed a cat, or maybe that a cat needed me. (who knows?) I was at target yesterday morning, and for some reason I wanted to go over to Petco and see if they had any "kittens" (I thought I wanted a young kitten, or a early adolecent kitten) They get them from different shelters and adopt them out for the shelters. But my head was like, "stupid! you don't need a kitten!! Go home!"

So home I went. Then Alex and Darryl and I were sitting around and one of the dogs did something retarded. And Darryl says, "That's why I like cats." So off to Petco I went. They used to have the adoptees in one part of the store and they weren't there. And So I was getting ready to leave, and There they were. Three cages! 2 cats, one said he wasn't up for adoption, and I wasn't interested in a boy cat any way . . . I knew I wanted a girl. And in the other cage was "Stella" I sat on the floor and talked with her through the cage, and asked the clerk about her. And Then I left! I still "thought" I needed a kitten. So I went to Petsmart, because they do adoptions also. I get in there and the whole adoption area is demolished, I guess they are expanding it or something. No cats there.

So back to petco I go, and I walk up to "Stella" again, and asked her if she wanted to go home with me, (I have a little "Doctor Dolittle" in me) She jumped down from where she was laying, and rubbed on my fingers I had poking through the cage . . . (I guess that meant yes!!) So I ran through the store buying all the things I need for her. Filled out the adoption papers and "Stella" and I left . . . got home with my now UNnamed cat. And it was just me and darryl home and he was so excited he could hardly stand himself.

Tempee doesn't care about the dogs . . . they don't bother her at all . . . (And Jade was even here yesterday when we brought her home) No issues at all.

She is not sure what to think of the boys . . . But she loves me already. And I love her.