Monday, October 26, 2009

Urgent Care

Ok so as I was finishing up the wedding and putting the last bouquet in the cooler, the cooler came back and hit my finger. I heard a pop, mom heard a pop, all the way across the rooom. I grabbed my hand and said to mom, "I just broke my finger."

So I text Tim, "Oops. I broke my finger." And then I went about trying to finish up the things I needed to do. Tim called and I didn't answer, but as soon as I got in the car to go home I called him. And he was UNHAPPY with me. "If you hurt yourself, you can NOT tell me in TEXT!!!" Ok, I know the rules now, I won't tell him in text any more. Promise.

I get home and Tim says he wants me to go to Urgent care. I don't want to go, so I call Jenn, one of my Besties, And resident doctor and ask her . . . (Just so you know Jenn you are supposed to side with me on these things~ Now you know.) and silly her tells me that I need to go to the Urgent care . . . UGH!!!

So Tim drags me there, he is still cranky with me for Texting him I was hurt, and then me dragging my feet not to go.

This is Tim's cranky face.

And again . . . OK I understand the rules now, I can't text that I'm hurt, quit being cranky at me.This is me being upset because I'm in the Urgent Care with Cranky Tim and there are people with Butt fungus there and I'm thinking I'm going to get sick . . . I don't like Doctors offices! ICK!

So this is the part of me that is causing all this trouble. It's just a little part, how can it create so much Whoo~ha?
So they xray it and decide that I did not break it but I popped the ligaments in it, and I have to wear this beautiful thing on my hand for at least 2 weeks . . . UGH! So that's the joys of being a klutz!

Tyler and Kim's wedding

Tyler has lived across the street from me for 15 years. The Brown family is wonderful! So I was super excited to do their wedding flowers. (Tyler's younger brother Kyle is getting married soon, and I will be doing their wedding flowers too!)

Here is Kim walking down the isle with her dad. Here are the brides maids. All pretty in a row. Only ONE of the girls actually held the bouquet the way I told them too. (This Good brides maid is getting married in February, and told me she wants me to do her flowers!)

Saying their vows
Ok so lets talk flowers . . . Kim came to me with the idea that she wanted to use these flowers

Chinese Lanterns . . . Hummm . . . That was a new request for me. Ok . . . Have to say I didn't really like the idea of it . . . They are a horrible flower and a big pain in the patooty . . . but ok . . . I'm good at what I do, I can do anything, Right??
So we sat and talked about flowers, and the only thing she really knew or wanted where the Chinese lanterns . . . Humm . . . It's a fall wedding, so I could do oranges and browns and those kind of fall colors. She did mention to me that her favorite color was purple . . . Ok, I'm starting to like this more and more, orange and purple. Well, if you have those two colors then we should have some red and pink . . . . yippee. . . orange, purple, red and pink! Loving it even more. . . . What could be better??? Bright green! Ta Da!!! A bouquet is born!

It was a big wedding, so I had to do a lot of work . . . here are some of the flowers all together.

The bridal bouquet!

Everyone loved the flowers. They were beautiful! (If I do say so my self. Tim says "You are so modest." I say, "I know what I'm good at.")

Speaking of Tim~ Have I mentioned that I love him. I do. and he came home to work here! I will get to see him every day, every night! It makes me sooooooo happy!

Aren't we cute? (Again, I'm just calling it the way I see it!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cyber Crop~ Scrapbooking layouts

These are some of the AC Bailey papers . . . very pretty . . . but then I added my own funky touch to it . . . I giggled the whole time I made this layout!!! Another one of the ones I love, I doodled all over the paper, it says "FEED ME!" in swirls . . . it was super fun. Just in case you don't know which boy this is, it's tony.
another of my favorites . . . I just love how all the bling looked so good on the papers~
I think out of the whole weekend of scapbooking, this next layout is my all time favorite. I don't know if it's the layout, or the fact that I wrote. ". . . . and the greatest of these is love." I love the pictures . . . I love everything about it. And it really made me miss my baba, and I realized that I don't have nearly enough pictures of her, and it's one of those things that you can't go back and take pictures . . . So I encourage you, if you have an older person in your life, take their picture as often as you can . . . you will want it later on.

Tony was about 10 and he went though this period where he wanted to model . . . so Aunt Jaqui took his picture and I took him on a "go see" and he decided he didn't like it as much as he though the would.

Avery wanted to go to school so much . . . But he was too little.
Alex's first day of 2nd grade.
I made 2 of the next layout . . . they were so cute.
Alex sleeping on my chest, he was about 9 weeks old.
Tony dressed himself . . . can you tell?
I was 9 month pregnant with Tony this summer . . . and it was like 105 degrees every day . . . it sucked. So I sat on the porch too huge to move and took pictures as raf and Alex played.
Alex with burgundy hair, and his new dogdaughter . . . which his X got custody of.
Summer fun.
We don't have a lot of pictures of Raf's mom, so I have to use the ones I have, even if they aren't that great.
I love these zoo pictures.

Very simple layout, which just goes to prove to you that you don't have to have a bunch artistic talent, all you need is some cool paper . . . and you can have a nice looking layout.
Alex the space man
Tony as big bird . . . I made his costume myself . . . it took me forever to make, but I think it really turned out well.
Another simple layout, but I think it tells the story I wanted to tell . . . and that is all that really matters. When you are scrapbooking, you are simply telling the story of your life . . . and you can do that as simply or as complicated as you would like. Come on, you know you want to scrapbook with me!!!
Avery the space man.
I have a lot more pictures of my layouts to post . . . so please bear with me a couple of days.