Monday, August 24, 2009

A junior!!!

Today is Avery's first day of his Junior year in High School! Can't you see how thrilled he is?? I told him to have a good day and he said, "I don't think so, but anything is possible." Ok . . . Big sigh . . . Goober!

I think sometimes kids, (I know I was guilty when I was in high school) forget that this high school experience should be fun and one of the best of their lives . . . But you can't tell that to them . . . cuz remember, they KNOW EVERYTHING!

I just wish I really was as smart as I THOUGHT I was when I was a teenager.

Avery going out to his car to go to school!Avery flipping me off because I continued to take pictures of him even after he told me not to. Oh well . . . . Alex's always used to flip me off for taking pictures too . . . And now he is fabulous! So there is hope for Avery! Pulling out of the garage!Getting ready to go! I didn't chase him down the street . . . that will be next year when he's a senior . . . this is the last of my babies . . . it's hard to see them grow up . . . but as they have gotten older, things have calmed down a lot . . . And that is nice.

Avery has always been my hardest child . . . there are days when we would like to wring each others necks, but as a lot of mothers and children, we take a deep breath and turn the tv up loud so that we can't hear the other one talking any more.

I love my boy . . . I hope he has a fantastic year!

Don't for get to wash your hands

We are finally at a point when we can stop with the bathroom remodel, and get back with our lives. The floor and the base boards still need to be done, but for the most part the bathroom looks great.

Take a look~

This is the super cool floor rug I bought! Don't you just love Shag?!? Yeah, Baby!!! Its a super thick wonderful shag, I got it at Sam's Club, REALLY CHEAP! I love a great deal!
this is the wall on the opposite side of the room from the shower. Tim painted the cabinets white, I think they look so nice! (Oh and we need to put in all the switch plate covers.)
I know you were just dying to know what kind of toilet paper holder we have . . . So wait no longer, here it is!! Ta Da!!

And here are my BEAUTIFUL lights! Aren't they pretty??

And our pretty new brown towels . . . Those were super cheap at Sam's club too . . . if you want this kind of thing, I think the membership would pay for it self with just the towels and rug!

And here it is . . . the shower curtain! It's so pretty . . . I got it at target . . .
My Friend Jessica (the light lady) said when I showed it to her. "That's too pretty and nice for a boys bathroom." And it really is . . . but I loved it and it worked so well with the colors we were wanting to do . . . It's a beautiful bathroom now . . . Some day we need to replace the sinks . . . but that will be a while.

Tim got a new blind for that window. That was super cheap too . . . I think he spent like $4 on it. So that will go in soon.
I have to say that having boys use this bathroom wasn't the greatest of my cleaning experiences . . . It took me about an hour and a half to clean the shower and about 45 minutes to clean the toilet. EEEEEEeeeeeeewwwww! But you know, a mothers work is never done. I'm kind of hoping that Avery will opt to use the bathroom in the basement now that this one is so pretty. But we will see.
I would like to get a nice big pretty jar and put a few sea sponges in it . . . I think that would look pretty. And I need a picture or something to hang over the towel bar cuz that wall is big and blank . . . But with the paint looking so nice I hate to cover it . . . I still haven't hung any pictures down stairs because the paint all looks to nice, I will probably do that some day . . .
Well the bathroom is almost done . . . it's use able, and we love it . . . you are welcome to use it, but don't forget to put the toilet seat down and wash your hands.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The bathroom remodel

So I have been pretty singularly focused lately . . . about a week ago, the shower door exploded in the bathroom upstairs, it's the bathroom that Avery uses . . . Happily he wasn't in there when it happened.

When that happened it seemed the perfect time for a Bathroom Make over . . . And in perfect Cheri style, I was ready on Saturday to start throwing paint on the wall until it looked pretty good . . . and in Perfect Tim style, he wanted to re texture the walls, and make sure everything was perfect.

We go with Tim's way of doing it because, although the process makes me crazy~ because it takes too long, in the end Tim's way is WAY better and it looks nicer.

Jessica from the light store next door to my store, GAVE me too Fantastic lights They will go where you see the holes and wires above the white field, where the mirror will go.

Here are the lights! Aren't they pretty!?!?!?

Here is what the bathroom looks like painted!!! Yippee it's all painted! Now just to do the floor board trim and the trim around the door, the window ledge, and that little wood shelf by the toilet.

So yesterday I'm in the store, and Jaqui had just got there and I was going to head out to the wholesaler, and I get 3 text messages from Tim, showing me tile . . . . Ok, I didn't know we were looking at tile. So on my way to the wholesaler, I run by home depot, and we look at some tile, because it really shouldn't cost much to re tile the floor, an Tim thinks that while we have it all apart, that we should do it. . . . Hummmmm . . . . I don't know . . . but if it makes him happy and he wants to do it, who am I to say no ?

We brought home 4 tiles we liked, and then narrowed it down to these two. The darker one, and the lighter one that has the little door stopper thing over it, (I know it looks a lot like the floor we already have, but it's WAY nicer!

We decided on the light one, with the door stopper over it. So I don't know when he is going to do that . . .

We are making progress . . . I don't know what is on his agenda to do today . . . I hope he gets lots done! I love coming home from work and seeing all the wonderful progress he made!

How does it look so far??? What do you think?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July Totals

I am super deliquent . . . I did a total of 65 scrapbook pages in July . . . so far for the month of August . . . ZERO!!

I guess I had better get moving if I'm even going to do my 20 pages.

Monday, August 17, 2009

That's it in a nut shell.

I have been extremely neglectful of my blog lately . . . too much life and not enough time . . . So in the order the pictures loaded up, here is what has been going on lately.

I had a little tiff . . . with my sister Tiffini . . . I was sad because Tony was going to move out (more on that in a sec) and she wrote on my facebook wall, "Wow! Way to be enmeshed." Or something like that. So I looked up what enmeshed meant and this is how the rest of it played out.

Message back from my sister~ "Well yes, I did mean that, but not exactly the harsh a definition as you posted. Stuff you said just reminded me of the way Dad talked about stuff too. :)
"My reply to her comment~ "When someone is going through a hard time the LAST thing they need is for someone else to come at them with RUDE and HEARTLESS comments . . . I didn't need that kind of comment, and didn't appreciate it at all. It hurt my feelings . . . And Right now with all that I have going on I don't need this kind of thing and Will not tolerate it."
So who knows what will happen now . . . I'm tired of her being snarky to me . . . Just like when Alex cut off his finger, she said that his girlfriend was going to be disappointed now for sexual reasons . . . (I'm paraphrasing). Those kinds of comments are not appropriate when you are upset and in a high stress situation . . . I have tried to forgive those kinds of comments, but I'm tired of always having to be the bigger person, and let it go, It's rude and I don't like it.
Ok so Tony decided to move in with 2 of his friends . . . I went to sam's club and bought him some toilet paper, and 2 huge boxes of top Ramin, and a new bath mat and 2 new towels. I have not seen his new place, but will go over next weekend when they have settled in more.
Makes me sad that he has gotten so big so fast, but he is handling all of this so drama free and like a great guy . . . so I'm very proud of him. But you know I'm always proud of him and my other boys.

Tim and I had an exploding shower door in Avery's bathroom the other day . . . so it seemed the prefect time to do a bathroom make over . . . We have had the paint for a while, the lighter color, one and with the fixtures and new lights and what not decided that Chocolate brown would be wonderful with it. We picked up one can of the brown and it looked like baby poop so Tim took it back and got a darker shade, which will be wonderful! (You can kind of see the lighter brown on the back side of the dark brown.)

The bathroom used to have one of those "holly wood lights" with a bunch of big round bulbs in it, and I got a FANTASTIC deal on some really pretty lights (Tim would like to use them in our bathroom instead, but it goes so well with the colors for this bathroom. That I dont' want to change.) So he had to move the holes in the wall and make two rather than just the one that was there before.

I think he is looking at Where I "Schlooped paint" on the wall . . . I'm so glad he loves me because if he didn't he would probably ring my neck!

I tease him a lot about being a "paint Nazi" but you know what I truly appreciate all he does, because when he is done, it looks PERFECT!!!

My mom had a huge bunion and spurs in her big toe, arthritis had eaten the cartilage out of the toe, so she finally couldn't take the pain any more and decided to have surgery.

After surgery she gave me a bit of a scare as he blood pressure went up to 208 over 110 . .. It was bad!!!

But she is feeling better now, she is home and dealing with the pain in her foot, but that will go away eventually! And she will be able to walk around!
My friend Jessica has a daughter who turned 13 and had her bat mitzvah . . . I did all the flowers for the party, and my wonderful friend Stacey flew out to dance at the party!!! It was a lot of work, but the party turned out to be great!

And no great event is complete without a picture of me and Tim . . . I don't know why we are so lavender . . . maybe we ate too much of the blueberry gum from Willy wonka! HAHAHAHA

And that's it in a nut shell . . .