Friday, November 13, 2009

November . . . happenings . . . so far!!!

Tomorrow night we are going to the bridge project gala . . . (We went to it last year and looked wonderful, and had a lot of fun! This year we both got new outfits to wear! And we are going to look so spectacular you will have to wear sunglasses to look at our pictures because we will be that dazzling!!!) This year they commissioned me to do some flower arrangements for the auction, along with all the baskets I do for them every year. It was a lot of fun. My main goal was to create things that were out of the ordinary and things that you just could go anywhere and buy.

So here is the top view of an ornament flower arrangement. I love the feathers and fun stuff in it.Of course, when I make something special for something else, everyone wants to buy that. I've had Several people want to buy this topiary . . . but I had to tell them I couldn't sell it, I had already sent the pictures of it off to the auction people for bridge project. I did make another one of these yesterday so hopefully the people who liked it will come back and buy the other one.

This next one is my masterpiece! This arrangement stands about 4 feet tall . . . the big glass is wonderful and it has 3 sets of lights in it . . . two up in the main part of the arrangement and then one in side the glass that lights up the snow flakes. I never knew I was such a good engineer . . . till I made this one. Maybe sleeping beside an engineer every night makes me think more logically. Humm . . . probably not . . . but it was fun to try and make you think that I was actually logical now!

Ok enough with Flowers lets talk about ME!!!
November 3rd was my 43 birthday!!! I love my birthday!!! It's like a day that is ALL ABOUT ME!!!! Isn't that Great!!!

So lets see first thing my mom and dad gave me a cake! Cute Cake! (Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a big cake fan . . . It's too sweet. Birthday Nachos would have been more appealing to me, but I guess it's hard to put a picture and write on nachos.)

So my mom and dad and Jessica and Tim all assembled to sing to me.
Their voices are so lovely I just had to sit back and listen to the dulcet tones!
So I knew that Tim and I were going to go to dinner. I had a gift card from my friend Kathy for a restaurant called "Cafe Terracotta" so I gave the gift card to Tim so he could make plans.

I didn't work that day so I was home and ready early. Tim and I were sitting on the sofa and his BFF James called and Tim invited him to dinner with us. But he said no.

So I said to Tim, "Why don't we just go now, that way we can just take our time and toodle around."

He said, "Jaqui wants to come over and bring you your birthday card. So we have to wait."

"Oh ok."

So Jaqui comes over, and she was all dressed up nice . . . typically when we are just popping in to one of our houses we wear comfy clothes, but I knew she had appointments that day so I assumed that she was still dressed up from them.

She gives me my card and my present! I got a tiara!!! I always knew I was a princess!

And She bought me some "pink" booze! She and I always drink PINK booze! We really don't care what kind it is, as long as it's pink. Fun fun! So since earlier Tim had asked James if he wanted to come to dinner with us, I thought it would be ok to invite Jaqui . . . She said that she would love to come.

So off to Cafe TerraCotta we go or so I thought!

In out usual fashion Jaqui and Blabbered the whole ride (Well, we weren't cussing but this is the only face dude I could find that was talking.) And then suddenly I realize we are not in down town Littleton, we are up by the mountains! Humm . . . someone is not telling me something. As usual I'm the last to know on just about everything!

When we finally stop, we are at The Fort! Check it out, it was AMAZING!!! Presidents have eaten there!

When we got there the was a fire going in the fire pit outside, and the moon was big and bright, and there was this wonderfully haunting Indian music playing . . . (Big Sigh ~ I love my birthday, and I love wonderful surprises!!!

So we go in and Tim says there will be 4 of us. I say honey, "Me, you, and Jauqi, that's 3." He looks at the girl and says 4 again. Humm . . . .

They seat us, and Tim gets up and leaves the table. I ask Jaqui, who do you think it is, that is coming. She says she doesn't know . . . (Jaqui~ Liar liar pants on fire!!! ) She knew the whole time!

So we are sitting there and Jessica shows up Apparently, my wonderful Tim arranged with my Besties to come to my dinner . . . Have I told you lately how much I love this man. So when I invited Jaqui to dinner, she already was planning on coming, because Tim had arranged it with her.
This man makes me sooooooooo happy!~
He is so wonderful to me! So we ate a fantastic dinner, had rattle snake, and quail eggs cover in buffalo sausage, and drinks with Gun powder and tobacco and Tabasco in them. We had Elk and duck and buffalo . . . we drank a bottle of wine . . . and then they brought out some cheese cake which was so super yumm . . . that even though we were so full we had to eat it any way!!!
And so while they were singing and we were going to eat our cheese cake . . . They made me wear this
On my head! A dead coyote!!! Say it with me EEEEEEeeeeeeewwwwwww!!! So I put my princess tiara on it's dead head and they took my picture!
It was a wonderful birthday that I will never forget!!!
Thank you Tim, Jaqui and Jessica for making my night so fantastic!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Working the weekend away

This is my "Handy Man" I don't know why he is side ways, but sometimes he gets that way when he is working really hard. We decided to finish up a few of the things we have had half done. So he put up the blind in the bathroom, and was going to put on the nobs on the drawers but he got distracted and didn't get that done. He is so cute and so serious when he is working.

Ok so here is what is next on our home improvement schedule. Lighting!!!! My Wonderful Jessica gave me a bunch of lighting (Well, I bought a few, but she gave me more than I've bought.)

We are replacing this~ (in our bedroom)
With this~ Minus the junk that is laying all around it. That all will get to stay in Tim's office! (and he complains that my office is a mess!)

We are replacing this~ (in the foyer)With this~ But I have a bunch of work to do to it. When Jessica gave it to me, it had this BIG HUGE glass square around it . . . A bit too, HUGE and ugly for me. So I took all the glass out and painted it. The glass turned out pretty cool (Sorry no picture of the glass) and one evening I needed a little project (Since I can't crochet with this stinking finger being a mess, I decided to start painting the parts to this piece brown. When I took it apart I realized that I really like the lamp without the big ugly glass things on it. I still need to paint the main part of it brown, but I love the scrolly way it looks and it will look great in the foyer! It's way bigger than the above light, and will have a lot more personality.

This light will be replaced~ (The light on the landing of the steps)

With this light~ (Jessica gave me this one too!) It has one little light holder thingy that is broken, but Tim (my handy man!) fixed that last night. It has these wonderful Round globes that go on each like (sorry no pictures of those either) And it will look wonderful there on the stairs!!!This is my new light in my formal dining room!!! I totally love it. Tim and His BFF James put it up on Halloween for me. I thought Tim was going to kill James! Because Tim is a perfectionist when he does things ~ He is "My Paint Nazi" And every other home redoing Nazi . . . And James is kind of one of those people who just do it "half assed" so Tim had me send James to the store to get light bulbs and french bread . . . and Tim did the other light mostly by himself, which made him really happy!

This is the new light in the Breakfast nook~ isn't it cool!

This is the sister light to the one in the breakfast nook . . . I don't believe we are going to be using this one, I think I will give it to my mom to use in her formal dining room.

And so while Tim was working on lights and the bathroom, I decided to recover the chairs in the formal dining room. We have had the fabric forever, and just hadn't taken the time to do it. So here it is~
Cutting the fabric~

Making a mess on the floor which I'm really good at! (And yes that is a Christmas tree in the corner of the room! I so excited that my Sweet Jessie is coming for the holidays that I am already decorating for them. I have 4 trees up already! Don't judge! You just wish that you were already as put together as I am!! )

I did this all by myself. And even used the STAPLE GUN without stapling myself to anything or having to go to the hospital!
And yes those are the Christmas stockings in the background on the stairs . . . Yes my stairs are already decorated also, and they are BEAUTIFUL! (But I'll post something about Christmas later on!)
Look how pretty they are!!! I did a wonderful Job!! I think I surprised Tim! (Probably mostly that I didn't end up in the hospital with a staple in some party of me!)And here is the finished product!! Isn't it pretty?!?!?! I don't know why it's sideways . . . but oh well, you get the point!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm a big kid now! Ok ALWAYS!

I have never been accused of loosing my "child like" quality. I'm just a big kid! For me any time I can do something goofy of silly, I'm all about it.

So Halloween for me is just another opportunity to let the "little kid" out to have some fun!

So here I am all dressed up and ready to PARTY ~ Well . . .ummm . . . there was not party to go to . . . so lets just say, I'm all dressed up and having fun handing out candy to all the little cuties that come to my door. I don't care how old the kids are, I think everyone should trick or treat! you could be 90 and come to my door for candy and I would probably give you the "good stuff" that I have for my "Special people". All my "special people" know that I have containers of cotton candy for them. Plus they get to pick things out of my "cauldron" too.

Hamming it up for Tim! He thinks I'm odd . . . but every "normal" person like him needs someone strange like me to balance them out!

My Sweet Kendra, came over with her baby Braeden, he was a little monkey! too cute!!!

Isn't he adorable!??!?!?!?
Well, I lost my baby Braeden, because Tim got a hold of him and they BONDED! Too cute! Tim would have made such a great daddy!!!!

To me nothing is more beautiful than a big burly man with a tiny baby . . . makes my heart melt!

So Tim introduced the baby to the dogs and then they decided to go out and drive the mustang. Well . . . ummm . . . Braeden decided to eat the car, and they never left the garage . . . Too cute!

After giving away, 20 pounds of candy and a lot of cotton candy, the night was finally over and I turned off my lights and sat down and relaxed. We watched "Young Frankenstein" and "Hocus Pocus" our "Scary" Halloween movies.
It was a fun night!