Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm still here!!!

I'm still here . . .I am not gone . . . I'm not going anywhere . . .

My feelings are hurt . . . you broke my heart . . . you betrayed my trust . . .

How stupid am I?? I miss you. I would still forgive you, if you could "own it", own what you did, with out excuses . . . and don't tell me that it wasn't excuses . . .

Did you choose to drink?

Did you choose to do what you did?

Did you choose to hurt me, knowing how I felt?

You did! I did NOT knock you down and make you drink . . . I did not force you to do what you did. all of that you did on your own, yet I would still forgive you . . . but you would have to truly own it.

Can you actually accept responsibility for your actions? Can you as my forgiveness without pushing off blame on others?

If you can, I still love you . . .I miss you . . . I miss my friend.

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