Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy birthday tooooooo- ME (And Lee)!!

Ok so the pics are out of the order I wanted them in . . . but oh well . . . somethings just don't go the way this red head wants them to.

I celebrated my 45th birthday November 3, 2011. It is also the birthday of one of my MOST favorite people on the planet! Lee Karr!

Lee and I met a gazillioin year ago back in 1993. She became my Writing mentor. *By the time she retired from writing, she had published 49 books!! She is amazing.

So since Lee and I share a birthday I thought we should celebrate it together.

About 3 years ago my friend Jaqui gave me a tiara for my birthday! I have wore it every year since (Pretty much all day!) so I gave a tiara to Lee, so she could be queen for the day also!

We went to Red Lobster by her house, so they wouldn't have to travel very far.

This picture is Top row- Michael (Lee's wonderful hubby) and My Mimi
Bottom Row- Tiara Girls - Lee Karr 86 years yound and ME~

When Lee and I were at Writers conferences we would always drink "Sex on the Beach" So we had to have one for our birthdays! She said when I ordered the drinks, "I was wondering if you had reformed!?" "Never!" I said!

I think that this was the best birthday I've ever had. I was surrounded by wonderful people and I felt so loved and adored. I got to spend my birthday with such lovely people and created memories that I will cherish for a life time.

It isn't the money you spend that makes a birthday wonderful, it's the love thats showed, the expressions of pure joy . . . I had so much love and birthday wishes that my heart was over flowing! And Alex (oldest son) even gave me a kiss on the cheek! (Total shocker!)

This was my BEST DAY!

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